Buying your tokens straight into the Matic network

Save money from ETH gas transactions using on-ramp solutions

In this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get your crypto assets straight to the MATIC Mainnet and drastically reduce your gas fees.

Moving your tokens from a centralized exchange to Metamask to then bridge it to the Matic L2 network can be very expensive. Today we have on-ramp solutions that do the heavy lifting for us.

Here are the steps

  1. Visit transak

  2. Add the FIAT amount you want to buy in your currency

  3. Click the second dropdown to open a list of available cryptocurrencies, here you can filter by the network, in our case we want to select the MATIC network

  4. Pick the cryptocurrency you want, for example, $USDC

  5. Transak will calculate the fees, if you agree click the Buy Now button

  6. Here you will add your wallet address, go to your Matic web wallet (Always double-check URLs), click the “receive” button, and copy the address shown. Add that address to the Transak form

  7. The last step will be adding your KYC credit card info to complete the purchase.

  8. And we are done!

You should now receive your tokens into your Matic wallet. I hope this quick tutorial helps you save $$ in the long run.